College Admissions Experience, 2013-2017

I started my higher education career in enrollment management as a college admissions counselor, traveling the country visiting high schools and attending college fairs to recruit best-fit students from around the globe. From 2013-2017 I attended 578 visits/fairs in 23 states and Canada representing the University of Connecticut (2013-2015) and the University of California, Riverside (2015-2017). Click the link to view a comprehensive map of my travels in Google Earth.

I have long felt that describing this experience only through percentages, numbers and resume bullet points did not convey the full extent of what I learned in admissions. This led me to map my experience in Google Earth. When I look at these pins, I am not reminded of places in time. What I am reminded of are the diverse perspectives and insights gathered from conversations with key stakeholders and professionals on one topic, higher education. Collectively, these pins best demonstrate the experience and higher education industry knowledge I gained in admissions, experience and knowledge I strive to bring with me as I continue to define my role in the higher education ecosystem to maximize my contribution to solving problems in education.

Total High School Visits = 472

Total College Fairs = 64

Total NACAC Fairs = 42

Total Events = 578

Estimated Total Conversations: 11,500

South (not including Texas)

Randy Edsall is back and why you should hope it’s to stay.


I wish the UConn football program success because I love this school and understand the role football plays in progress for the University as a whole. However, UConn is not just a college to me, it is my home. So, in today’s press conference, when I hear Coach Edsall claim UConn is the only school he would return to as head coach, after calling Maryland a “dream job” just 5 years ago, it does not help me move on from the past as he suggested I do.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do think Coach Edsall is the right choice to restore our football program. But, if his intention is to parlay success in Storrs to another “dream job”, we will be right back in this situation 10 years from now. As a University, we cannot afford that. We NEED a stable football program. Without it, we will remain on the Power Five’s waiting list.

You don’t think Jim Calhoun received lucrative offers after the 1999 championship season, or Geno after 95? I can guarantee you they did. They stayed because they wanted to build a program and they wanted to do it in Storrs, Connecticut. A type of program┬áthat Randy Edsall was on his way to building before he left on a jet to Maryland just five years ago.

I will always support UConn but I left that press conference unconvinced this isn’t just another stop on the Randy Edsall revival tour. This isn’t just about football, this is about continuing the progress of the University, a University that for some of us is not just a step along the way to the “dream job”, it is the dream job.

That being said, I will be rooting for Coach Edsall and the UConn football program. As all you loyal fans out there know, it’s the only position we take.