Oriakhi signs with Pieno Zvaigzdes in Lithuania



2011 National Champion Alex Oriakhi has signed with Pieno Zvaigzdes of the Lithuanian National League (LKL) and Baltic Basketball League (BBL). Last season, Zvaigzdes advanced to the quarterfinals of both the LKL and BBL before eventually falling short. Notable Americans who have suited up for Zvaigzdes in the past include Trevon Hughes (Wisconsin), Tyrell Biggs (Pittsburgh) and most recently Derrick Caracter (LA Lakers). Oriakhi bounced all over the world during the 2013-14 campaign with stints in France, Israel and Pennsylvania before eventually settling with the Sioux Falls Skyforce of the NBA D-League where he averaged 7 points/6 rebounds in 43 games. Oriakhi will face former teammate Tyler Olander at a date TBD when the schedule is announced.


Twin Towers lead Siauliai

Twin Towers Ryan and Tyler Olander led Siauliai past second division Delikatesas, 89-68, in an exhibition tune-up. If I am translating the game summary correctly, Tyler had 15 points and 7 rebounds in 21 minutes, shooting 5-7 from the field, 1-2 from deep and 2-2 from the free throw line. Ryan added 6 points for the victors. American Jonathan Lee (Northeastern) led the club with 19 points in just 18 minutes of action. Pictures below:







iPhone 5 Tips

Having owned an iPhone for 5 years I always considered myself iPhone savvy. I recently read an article that offered tips and tricks, many of which were unknown to me. Here are some of my favorites:

iOS 7

See where you’ve been

This comes in especially handy mornings you wake up with a foggy memory and lost wallet. Or, if you ever were to need an alibi with timestamp included for whatever reason. iOS 7 tracks where you have been to help personalize features such as the Notification Center and Maps. This leaves you with a collection of data showing where you were and for how long. The screenshot on the left shows my location during the week of August 11th. When I selected “Norfolk International Airport”, I am brought to a page that shows duration of stay. If this creeps you out, the feature can be shut off from the System Services page.

You can find it: Settings –> Privacy –> Location Services –> System Services –> Frequent Locations.

Location Services

Do Not Disturb Mode

Settings –> Do Not Disturb (ON)

This feature silences incoming calls and notifications until you are ready to view them. You can customize the feature to allow calls from favorites or specific contacts as well as schedule a recurring time.

Quit Multiple Apps

Quitting apps after usage is the best way to save precious battery life. With iOS 7 you can quit multiple apps at once by double-tapping the home button and swiping up with multiple fingers.

Block Contacts

Choose which method of communication you wish to block from a certain contact (Messages, Phone or FaceTime) and hit the (i) info button. Then scroll down to the bottom of the contact information and select “Block this Caller”.

To review who you have blocked:

  • Settings –> Messages  –> Blocked
  • Settings –> Phone  –> Blocked
  • Settings –> FaceTime  –> Blocked


For help with DIY projects, access a level by swiping right in the Compass app.

Faster Charge

Charge iPhone on “Airplane Mode” for a faster charge.


Text Read to You

Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Speak Selection (ON)

Now the iPhone can read text to you in Mail, Safari, Messages and iBooks. Highlight the text you want to hear and hit “Speak”.


Tap the microphone at the bottom of the keyboard in an email or text message to have your words translated to text. Note: only works when Siri is enabled.


There is no excuse for not knowing the definition of a word. Highlight the difficult word to bring up the options menu, then hit “Define”.


Burst Mode

Hold down the camera button to engage burst mode. Burst mode will snap 10 pictures per second for as long as the button is depressed. Then, you can view pictures side by side to choose your favorites.

Mapped Pictures

View your pictures on a map by tapping the location under Years, Collections or Moments.

image (4)

Original article: https://www.apple.com/iphone-5s/tips/

Deandre Daniels undergoes successful surgery



Former National Champion Deandre Daniels has undergone surgery to remove a small bone fragment in his right elbow, according to the Perth Wildcats website. Daniels, taken with the 37th overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft by the Toronto Raptors, will compete with the Wildcats of the Australian National Basketball League (NBL) this upcoming season. The rehab process will take 4-6 weeks and Daniels hopes to be ready for the team’s October 10th season opener against New Zealand. All indications lead to a successful surgery:

Daniels will play a key role for Perth as they attempt to defend their NBL title.


Technology in the NFL: Paper vs Tablet


Game Credentials

I had the opportunity to assist the Pittsburgh Steeler’s video crew (thanks Kory) in their August 9th meeting with the New York Giants, specifically with the distribution of Still Shot images. “Still Shot” refers to two images, one pre-snap and one post-snap, of in-game formations used by coaches/players for on-the-fly analysis. In the past this process involved the printing of images and manual assembly into a binder to be rushed to coaches/players- think the binder QB’s are typically shown huddled over on the bench (Roethlisberger below, left). This season, as part of a deal between the NFL and Microsoft, the paper process will begin to be replaced by Surface Pro 2 tablets (as seen in my hand below).

Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft Tablet with play loaded

Now, when Still Shot images are captured, instead of having to wait for them to print, put in plastic casing, organized by play number and distributed, the tablet automatically populates with the most recent play. Coaches can simply click the play they want to view and blow up the image or draw on it for teaching purposes. Unlike regular tablets, these game tablets have only a single photo app and will be owned by the NFL for privacy reasons. When talking to the rep from Microsoft, the only major question marks with the tablet system are weather related. The tablets worked perfectly on a clear, summer night but will they be able to withstand frigid, winter temperatures in Green Bay, not to mention torrential downpours in Miami? Also, even sunny days beg the issue of glare.

The Steeler’s coaching staff had a split preference for their first preseason game. Older coaches, such as Defensive Coordinator Dick Lebeau preferred paper to the tablet for the sake of familiarity. On the other hand, Ben Roethlisberger, clearly more in tune with today’s technology, had no problem using the tablet to show his WR’s what route they should have run. Special teams coach Danny Smith, who I worked with, had difficulty grasping the concept of the “+” button to enlarge photos. However, once he got a hold of the controls, preferred the tablet.

Big Ben and Offense

Big Ben using tablet with WR’s

Due to the variety of preferences throughout the league, teams will have both the tablet and paper option available throughout the season. Ultimately, I believe the tablets will prove beneficial for one reason: speed. Coaches want the plays, and want them fast. According to a verge.com article, “the new tech, at the very least, gets images to the sidelines 15 to 25 seconds faster than those Polaroid photos of old.” This is a low estimate. As long as it’s connected to the NFL’s private wireless network, the tablets will populate anywhere in the stadium. This allowed me to locate my coach and stand in his vicinity as I waited for the play to load- particularly useful if you are reporting to a mobile coach. I consider myself light on my feet but it is very difficult navigating through a sideline of NFL-sized players and angry coaches, especially when the masses are constantly shifting with changes in field position. In my opinion, the tablet saved 45 to 60 seconds as I could hover around my coach while I waited as opposed to behind the bench where the printer is located, away from the action.

Two years ago I was interning with a sports software company building the Still Shot machines that revolutionized the process of printing Polaroid images. Now, less than 24 months later, these machines could soon become obsolete. In a business such as the NFL where time is money and money influences wins/losses, I would not be surprised if all teams have switched to the tablet by the end of this season.

Here are some more pictures from the game:

Me at Metlife

Pregame at MetLife

Troy Polamalu

Troy Polamalu

Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger talk strategy

Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger talk strategy


Game Action

Big Ben

Big Ben and Antonio Brown


Olander brothers reunited in Lithuania


Ryan Olander has joined brother Tyler in Lithuania, agreeing to terms with BC Siauliai on a one year deal. Olander spent last season with Lietkabelis ( of the LKL/Baltic League), averaging 11 points/6 rebounds en route to his first LKL All Star game selection. In 13 Baltic League games, Olander averaged 8 points/6 rebounds and was named Eurobasket.com All-Baltic League Honorable Mention. Olander gives the club a versatile big man who can shoot from the outside yet still provide strength underneath, allowing Tyler to be used on the perimeter as a stretch power forward.

Siauliai won the Baltic League (BBL)  in 2014 and will compete this season in the LKL, BBL as well as Group H of the EuroChallenge. For those unfamiliar, EuroChallenge is the third tier men’s professional club competition in Europe, only behind EuroCup and Euroleague (Europe’s NBA)- all under the umbrella of FIBA Europe. 32 teams from 20 countries are divided into 8 regular season round robin groups based on geography. Other Group H members include Enisey (Russia), Tsmoki-Minsk (Belarus) and Usak (Turkey).  The two finalists at the end of each season get promoted to the EuroCup, where clubs can then vie for a Euroleague promotion.

Best of luck to Ryan and Tyler and stay tuned for the latest from Lithuania…